Affordable B12 Shots from Points for Health
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Why Choose Points for Health


Hi, I’m Rebecca, owner of Points For Health. As you know, B12 injections have a multitude of benefits and can be used to treat many illnesses. Here are some of my promises to you if you choose me for your B12 needs.

I take the time to listen and hear your concerns

I focus on patient education and learning techniques for self-care

I am not trying to sell you something (no long-term packages) - I do what works for you

I understand both eastern and western medicine - bridging the gap

B12 is an essential vitamin that is necessary for:

Brain and Nervous System Functioning
Making Red Blood Cells
Cell Metabolism
Energy Production
DNA Synthesis
Fatty Acid Metabolism
Relieve Stress
And More…

F.A.Q’s About B12 Injections

Who Needs B12?


Everyone needs B12 – but not everyone gets as much as they need. B12 is found naturally in meat and dairy products and is supplemented in some other foods. There are a number of steps between ingesting B12 and having it available for your cells. For this to happen you need a high functioning digestive system.

Why Use the Injectible Form?


This side-steps any possible issues with absorption by the digestive system and make it immediately available for your tissues and cells.

What is the Usual Dosage?


Standard injection amount is 1,000 micrograms. If you are deficient you can have daily injections for 5-10 days then moving to weekly then monthly maintenance doses.

Hear from Our Patients

“B12 injections help me so much. They give me more clarity in my brain and more energy to my body! It is a very effective treatment!”


“The B12 shots from Dr. Rebecca Moore helped me a ton throughout the day. I had a very large workload and instantly felt energized after receiving the shot. I was able to complete my long day with no energy loss or fatigue. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back!”


Book an Appointment Today!


Book a B12 shot appointment online or call us at (941) 840-0540 to make an appointment.